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The Pro/AMS System offered by GP Enterprise Systems, Inc. (GPE) is a comprehensive management system customized for use by any type of association including condominiums, homeowners, communities and many others. The system is based on the Soflex Association Management System and is an upgraded Windows version of the Soflex system.

The system is feature rich. With over 15 years in the association management industry we've packed almost everything you can think of into the basic system or one of its options. If you need it and we don't already have it, we are probably already planning it. We're constantly looking at the industry for new features to incorporate into our system.

The system is single entry. You only have to enter things once. All the different modules and options talk to each other to communicate information as needed. This means less data entry for you and more time to spend on the really important parts of your job.

The following components are available in the Pro/AMS Suite of Products