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MS Word Invoices

An optional feature of the REO/Relocation Billing system is the MS Word Invoices interface.

With this feature you can print invoices to 3rd party companies using the actual forms the 3rd party companies require. Imagine the time savings when you don't have to manually fill in all the different forms for each company. Not to mention figuring out where on the form to enter the information.

We have the formats for over 30 REO and Relocation companies. If we don't already have the invoice format for the company you deal with, we can create it for you.

Printing these custom invoices couldn't be easier:

  • Open up MS Word
  • Select Relocation Invoices from the custom GPE Tools menu
  • Enter the dates you want to bill
  • Select the 3rd party company you want to process
  • Click OK
  • The system gathers all the properties from that 3rd party company and creates an invoice for each one using their custom format
  • Then just select Print from MS Word and you're all done!