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 Associate Ledger Minimize
REM Agents

Associate Ledger


  • 6 digit associate number
    • User defined so you maintain your current numbering scheme
    • or sequentially assigned by the system
  • 5 digit branch office number
    • correspond to General Ledger divisions
  • Balance forward or open item receivable
  • Accrual based accounting (cash based available)


  • Easy input with validation of all key fields
  • Space available for user defined information
  • Transactions are batched by date and type
  • Batch date verification to current month
  • On-line inquiry by associate (can search by associate number or name)
    • Billing activity
    • Commission activity
  • Automatic generation of regular billing charges
  • Import charges from Excel spreadsheets

Commission Checks

  • associate commission checks
    • automatic deduction of receivable balance
  • batch check printing
  • batch check registers
  • monthly check register
  • void & reissue check function
  • associate advance/draw checks
  • MICR check printing option
  • EFT/ACH payment option


  • Automatic posting of commission checks to the Electronic Checkbook
  • Automatic posting of agent payments to the Electronic Checkbook
  • Automatic interface of commissions to the General Ledger
  • Automatic interface of receivable activity to the General Ledger
  • Automatic posting of agent charge backs from Accounts Payable

Tax Reporting

  • Printed 1099s
  • 1099 corrections
  • Magnetic media 1099s


  • Comprehensive statement of billing and commission activity
  • Alphabetical or numerical roster of associates
    • by branch office
    • company wide
  • Associate mailing labels
  • Current transactions
  • Year to date transactions
  • Aged receivable
  • Year to date earnings (1099)
  • Ranking by year to date earnings
  • Earnings detail report
  • Custom statements available

Automatic Charges

  • Automatically add the same charge to a group of associates
  • Set up global or associate specific recurring charges or credits
  • Up to 6 frequency codes available
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Semi annual
    • Annual