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REM Contracts


Commission Computations

  • Automatic commission computations based on commission schedules
  • Commission schedules based on agent information
    • Earnings
    • GCI
    • Company Dollar
  • Unlimited commission schedules
  • Up to 30 listing and 30 selling levels per schedule
  • Listing and selling percentages may be the same or different
  • One main schedule and up to 5 alternate schedules per agent
  • Automatic commission adjustments at closing if agent's commission level changes
  • Automatic pro-ration of commission between old and new levels if agent's commission level changes (optional)
  • Manual over-rides for those "tricky" deals
  • Referrals to outside brokers or other agents
  • Sale types
    • Multiple, user-defined sale types
    • In-house list and sale
    • In-house list, co-broke sale
    • Co-broke list, in-house sale
    • and many others
    • Determine income and expense accounts


  • Automatic generation of deductions and commissions based on the sale type
  • Automatic generation of deductions by associate
  • Automatic accumulation of deductions up to a specified cap
  • Ability to override any and all of the above for any contract


  • 13 digit contract ID
    • 5 digit office number
    • 8 digit contract number
    • User defined so you maintain your current numbering scheme
    • or sequentially assigned by the system
  • Easy input with validation of all key fields
  • Space available for user defined information
  • Input batched by date with date verification to current month
  • On-line inquiry by contract number, buyer, property address or MLS number
  • On line inquiry by associate number or name
  • Pending expense calculated at agent's actual commission level at time of pending
  • Change closed contracts easily
  • Void and reissue checks using the current contract information
  • Simplified input for miscellaneous commissions (leases, referrals, etc.)


  • Automatic commission interface to Associate Ledger including any closing deductions to be taken from the commission check
  • Closed income interface to the General Ledger
  • Cash receipts interface to the Electronic Checkbook
  • Pending income interface to the General Ledger (optional):
    • commission receivable
    • reserve
    • income
    • commission payable
    • reserve
    • expense
    • default reserve percentages defined for the company, with overrides available for each branch and contract type
    • separate receivable reserve and payable reserve posting for residential and commercial


  • Associate closing statements
  • Contract closing statement
  • Pending inventory by associate with associate totals and branch summaries
  • Pending inventory by sale type with sale type totals and branch summaries
  • Expected closings report projection with monthly totals and branch summaries
  • Activity journals (provide audit trails)
    • New contracts
    • Void contracts
    • Closed contracts
    • Adjusted contracts
    • Closed miscellaneous contracts (leases, referrals, additional commissions)
  • All activity is tracked for complete reconciliation
  • Reconciliation report
  • Pending productivity summary by associate
  • Closed productivity summary by associate
  • Pending ranking by associate (current inventory or net pending for the year)
    • by volume
    • by units
    • by associate net
  • Closed ranking by associate (includes miscellaneous commissions)
    • by volume
    • by units
    • by associate net
  • Associate comprehensive summary
    • year to date production summary
    • current listings
    • current pending contracts
    • year to date closings