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General Ledger

General Ledger Module


  • Fully-integrated
  • multi-company
  • numerous financial reports
    • budgets
    • comparatives
    • regions
    • divisions
    • groups of regions and divisions
  • 12 month calendar or fiscal year reporting


  • 999 companies per directory
  • 99,999 divisions (branch offices)
    • divisions can be grouped into regions
  • automatic consolidation of divisions on financial statements
  • each company has its own set of independent files
  • each company can run on a different closing schedule
  • define a master chart from an existing company to start a new company
  • chart of accounts may be the same or different for each company

Chart of accounts

  • 6-digit account numbers
  • 2-digit sub-account numbers
  • 5-digit division (branch office) numbers
  • supporting schedules
  • keep detail financial information as needed
  • present concise top level financial statement (without the detail)
  • print supporting schedule to see the detail
    • for example, advertising supporting schedule can have all the various media you use, the top level financial statement prints one line for advertising
  • user-defined chart of accounts
  • create a new division and copy the chart from an existing division


  • Unlimited budgets per company
  • 4 budget input options:
    • annual (input one amount to be split equally by 12)
    • monthly (input specific amounts per month)
    • formula (input one amount to be split monthly based on a user-defined formula)
    • import from Excel worksheet


  • Clean input screens
  • Complete audit trails
  • Account and journal validation
  • Option to add accounts during journal input (may be disabled)
  • Recurring journal entries
  • Reversing journal entries
  • On-line account activity inquiry
    • current month
    • year to date
    • on screen or printer


  • Automatic posting to the General Ledger from all other GPE modules
    • pending income (optional)
    • closed income
    • commissions paid
    • associate receivable
    • accounts payable
    • owner receivable
    • electronic checkbook

Financial statements

  • user defined formats
  • reports may be run any time
  • reports may be run for current month or any prior month
  • flexible company consolidations
  • flexible regional consolidations
  • Balance Sheets:
    • individual company
    • compared to prior year
    • consolidated
    • divisional
    • schedules
  • Income Statements:
    • individual company
    • compared to any budget
    • compared to prior year
    • consolidated
    • regional
    • divisional
    • schedules

Other reports

  • Current month detail general ledger
  • Year to date detail general ledger
  • Selected account current and year to date detail
  • Trial balance with year to date totals and net change
  • Working trial balance
  • Budgets (annual, year to date and monthly)
  • Chart of accounts
  • Journal detail
  • Journal summary (on-line inquiry)