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REM Listings



  • 13 digit listing ID
    • 5 digit office number
    • 8 digit listing number
    • user defined so you maintain your current numbering scheme
    • or sequentially assigned by the system
  • plenty of space available for user defined information
  • easy input with validation of all key fields
  • listing input batched by date with date verification for current month
  • on line inquiry by listing number, seller's name, property address, or MLS number
  • on line inquiry by associate number or name
  • automatic interface to pending contracts


  • inventory by associate with associate totals and branch summaries (income projection)
  • listings aging by expiration date-by office, by associate
  • activity journals (provide audit trails)
    • new listings
    • expired/withdrawn listings
    • closed listings
    • adjusted listings
    • all activity is tracked for complete reconciliation
  • reconciliation report
  • listings productivity by associate
  • listing ranking by associate (current inventory or net new listings year to date)
    • by volume
    • by units
    • by associate net
  • associate comprehensive summary